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Getting to Know the Antioch Clipper® Long Handled Toenail Clipper

The Antioch Clipper® is precision engineered to help you properly clip your toenails and maintain good foot health without having to bend and stress your back or other joints. The clipper may look a little big and scary at first but after a little bit of practice we think you'll agree it may be the best friend your toenails have ever had!

The Antioch Clipper® Long Handled Toenail Clipper

Use the positioning handle, the trigger plunger handle and the magnifier to position the clipper on the toenail you plan to trim:

Align the Antioch Clipper

Then gently press the trimmer plunger with your thumb or the palm of your hand!

Cleanly Clipped Toenails Using The Antioch Clipper!

Repeat for all toes and Voila! You now have neatly square trimmed toenails!

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4 pounds





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